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 Sun  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat 
  NMMI Summer Academic Prep
  NMMI Summer Academic Prep
  New Cadet Bronco VB/FB/and Colt FB Arrive and matriculate
  Commandant Breakfast with Cadre Officers and Regimental Staff
  NMMI Summer Academic Prep
  Commandant Breakfast with Cadet Senior NCOs (SGMs, 1SGs, and PSGs)
  NMMI Summer Academic Prep
  JC Matriculation
  President/Superintendent Welcoming Reception for Parents and New Cadets (JC and HS)
  HS Matriculation
  Superindent Address to NMMI Athletes
  Troop Team Building; Mike and November Troops
  Troop Team Building; Alpha and Bravo Troops
  Troop Team Building; Charlie and HQ's Troops
  Troop Team Building; Echo and Fox Troops
  Old Cadets/Break In-Service Cadets Matriculation
  Troop Team Building; Golf and Hotel Troops
  Advising/Department Functions
  Troop Team Building; Kilo and Lima Troops
  Welcome Back Breakfast, Guest Speaker, Calibration and Assessment Fiesta
  Advising/Department Functions
  Troop Team Building; Oscar and Juliet Troops
  Troop Team Building-India and Delta Troops
  Squad Leader School
  First Day of Classes HS and JC
  Superintendent's Welcome Back Reception
  Cadet Technology Training
  "Bring Your A-Game to School" BMX Ramp Show Assembly
  Superintendent Address to ECP and Academy Prep Cadets
  Cadet Technology Training
  Colt JV Football vs GHS (scrimmage)
  Fall Awards Ceremony Rehearsal
  Colt Varsity Football @ Portales (scrimmage)
  Parent E-news
  Fall Awards Ceremony
  Bronco Volleyball @ LCU (scrimmage)
  Major Cortez Memorial Service
  Lady Colt JV Volleyball @ Gateway Christian
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball @ Gateway Christian
  Cadet Athletes meeting with the new Regimental Athletic Liaison Officer
  Bronco Volleyball @ West Texas A&M (scrimmage)
  Colt JV Soccer @ Goddard
  Cadet Technology Training
  Alpha Troop Etiquette Dinner
  Colt Varsity Soccer @ Goddard
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball @ Hondo
  Summer Camp (JLC and SAP) After-Action-Review
  Cadet Technology Training
  Mentor Program-Partner Challenge
  Colt JV Football @ Goddard (9th grade)
  Bravo Troop Etiquette Dinner
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball vs. Corona
  Big Daddy Weave
  Bronco Volleyabll 10th Annual NMMI Classic Tournament
  Bronco Volleyball vs South Mountain
  Bronco XC @ Lubbock Christian Rust Buster
  Colt Varsity Football @ Ft. Sumner
  Bronco Volleyball vs Garden City
  Bronco Volleyabll 10th Annual NMMI Classic Tournament
  21 Day Milestone
  Colt & Lady Colt XC @ Gateway Relay (practice meet)
  Bronco Volleyball vs Hutchinson
  Bronco Football @ Air Force Prep
  Colt JV Soccer vs Socorro
  Bronco Volleyball vs Pima
  Colt Varsity Soccer vs Socorro
  21-Day Makeup Certification Training
  Cadet Technology Training
  Charlie Troop Etiquette Dinner
  Colt JV Soccer @ Lovington
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball vs. Hondo
  Colt Varsity Soccer @ Lovington
  Matriculation After-Action-Review
  Colt & Lady Colt XC @ Lovington Invitational
  Cadet Technology Training
  Delta Troop Etiquette Dinner
  Bronco Volleyball @ Roughrider Invitational
  Colt Varsity Soccer @ Coyote Classic Tournament
  Bronco XC @ Labor Day 5K
  Colt Varsity Football @ Capitan
  Bronco Volleyball @ Roughrider Invitational
  Colt Varsity Soccer @ Coyote Classic Tournament
  Academic Weekend
  Men's & Women's Bronco Tennis @ SENM
  Colt JV Football @ Portales
  Bronco Football @ Northeastern Oklahoma A&M