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  Summer Academic Program
  Summer Academic Program
  Bronco Old and New Cadet Football and Bronco VB arrive and Matriculate
  Commandant's Breakfast with Summer Cadre Officers
  Board of Regent's Luncheon (Annual Joint Foundation)
  Colt FB Old Cadets (NOT CADRE) arrive and matriculate at 1300
  Summer Academic Program
  Bronco Football and Bronco Volleyball old and new cadets finish matriculation
  Colt Football New Cadets arrive and matriculate (HS w/parents)
  Commandant's Breakfast with Summer Cadre Senior NCOs
  Summer Academic Program
  Junior College Matriculation
  Superintendent's Welcome to Parents (tentative)
  High School Matriculation
  Superintendent's Welcome to NMMI athletes (tentative)
  Admissions Office and SAC Spanish Language Orientation for Spanish Speaking Parents (tentative)
  RISD Welcome back meeting
  Commandant and Athletic Director's Address to Bronco Athletes
  SHARP Training/ Tina Lueras
  Old Cadets Matriculate
  Faculty and Staff Breakfast, Calibration and Academic Fiesta
  Academic Academy
  SAC Advising
  Refresher Training for all returning YLC facilitators
  Fall Convocation
  First Day of Classes
  Superintendent's Welcom Back Reception
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  Superintendent's ECP and Prep cadets welcome (tentative)
  Fall Awards Ceremony Rehearsal
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  Fall Awards Ceremony
  Colt JV Football: scrimmage vs. Goddard HS Freshmen
  Colt Varsity Football @ Eunice HS
  Squad Leader School
  Platoon Sergeant School
  First Sergeant School
  Junior Officer School
  Colt Varsity Soccer vs. Ruidoso HS
  Superintendent's Address to NMMI Corps of Cadets (Tentative)
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball @ Hondo HS
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  Bronco Volleyball @ NMMI Classic
  Colt Varsity Football vs. Fort Sumner
  Bronco Football @ Arizona Western
  Bronco Volleyball @ NMMI Classic
  21-day Ceremony
  Lady Colt and Colt Cross Country / Gateway Relay - Practice Meet
  Colt JV Soccer vs. Portales
  Colt Varsity Soccer vs. Portales HS
  1st Squadron Superintendent's Barbecue
  Colt JV Soccer @ Lovington HS
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball vs. Hondo HS
  Alpha Troop Etiquette Dinner
  2nd Squadron Superintendent's Barbecue
  Colt Varsity Soccer @ Lovington HS
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  Speaker John Moffit High Risk Social Media Behavior
  3rd Squadron Superintendent's Barbecue
  Commandant's Time Leadership Development Program
  High Risk Social Media Behavior (tentative)
  Bravo Troop Etiquette Dinner
  Lady Colt JV Volleyball vs. Gateway Christian JV
  Lady Colt Varsity Volleyball vs. Gateway Christian HS
  Colt Varsity Football vs. Capitan
  Old Cadet Full Furlough Weekend
  NMMI Men's Bronco Golf
  Bronco Men's and Women's Tennis / SENM - Roswell
  Lady Colt and Colt Cross Country / Fort Stanton Invite
  Colt JV Football vs. Portales JV
  Bronco Football vs TVCC